Published: January 03, 2013

Spirit Renewal for the New Year

By DR. ADEL ELDIN | Hernando Today columnist

Here we go again, a new year 2013 is about to start and with its birth there is the usual routine, a set of self-declared commitments and resolutions to achieve which may include weight loss, stopping unhealthy habits such as smoking and excessive drinking after six weeks of indulgence which usually starts around the Thanksgiving holiday and usually continues into the beginning of the new year.

With it, a sudden urge to change and with this I am talking about the renewal of a new specific element, spiritual renewal. This will be so important to help reduce stress in our daily lives weather due to family, job, or community by promoting peace, faith, harmony, kindness, mercy and compassion in the way we interact with each other. By the same token, join forces in the fight toward fraud, corruption, and greed that are huge factors in contributing stress and devastation to most people around the world (i.e. the good fight).

Always be positive and optimistic in the endless mercy of our Creator, for example the birds on the trees don't worry about what they will eat tomorrow, similarly if we have faith, He will provide for us exactly the same way he provides for them.

Additionally don't worry too much about tomorrow, next weekend, or the next year after giving your best effort today. And remember if one has the three basic needs for life food, health, and shelter then your all set, according to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: "If you wake up in good health, you have enough sustenance for one day and you are safe and secure in your own home, then you are at the top of the world!"

Try to avoid speaking in a negative way or conducting yourself in pessimistic way, no loom and gloom, no fear mongering, and no boogeyman. Yes there is a world economic crisis, food shortage, increase in gas prices, and endless list of daily challenges, but that should not lead anyone to excessive fear and complete paralysis.

So smile more in 2013 and stay optimistic, that's a new resolution to make in this New Year a new you!

Dr. Adel Eldin is a cardiologist with Brooksville Cardiology, 12082 Cortez Boulevard in Brooksville. His office can be reached at (352) 592-4938.